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Rewards of M2M Remote Monitoring High States M2M Whitepaper by Vodafone


LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM–(Marketwired – Jan 29, 2014) – The rewards of M2M remote monitoring are high if businesses embrace change and reengineering. According to a new whitepaper by Vodafone, using M2M effectively means changing how management decides which parts to keep in the inventory; how management allocates jobs to field engineers; even how to price solutions for its intended customers.

Evaluating how the assets of a business is managed and monitored is the first step for making improvements. Vodafone works with management to demonstrate the potential of M2M at a well-equipped M2M testing centre, and then will help to identify what information is needed to be gathered from the equipment. From this data, an appropriate data connectivity concept and comprehensive design solution is identified.

Vodafone’s integrated Remote Monitoring & Control Service (RMCS) allows businesses to remotely monitor and control their M2M-enabled equipment. Remote Monitoring and Control Service combines hardware, a managed M2M connectivity service, and applications.

Integrated Remote Monitoring & Control Service offers a number of benefits to help keep a business one step ahead from its counterparts. RMCS gives management the ability to automatically monitor the health of the organisation’s assets in real time, without having to send an engineer to the site — this increases efficiency.

Vodafone is one of the world’s leaders in M2M service delivery. The company has been working in M2M for over 20 years, and today provides an end-to-end solution for industrial remote monitoring: from building a business case through technical deployment to staff training and service management.

Through Vodafone’s M2M whitepaper, businesses can find out more regarding remote asset monitoring.

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