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Be Social! Twitter Ready To Ditch Your Ad Pretty Background

Twitter used to let you put whatever imagery you wanted up as the background on every Twitter page you surfed on. It was glorious....
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Facebook To Feature ‘Watch Later’

Facebook has confirmed that it has quietly started to test a “Watch Later” button for videos on the desktop — a little tab that appears as an overlay...

Google+ Photos Ready To Be Shut Down

This one might be a bit confusing due to product naming weirdness, but here we go: Google+ Photos, the photo hosting solution built into...

You Want To Know The Next CEO Twittersphere ?

Twittershpere is rocking with new list of prospective CEOs for the social network giant future. Here is the latest gist on the bidders and...
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Save Your Likes On Pages, Facebook Says You Have To Add Now

Facebook told businesses to buy Page Likes for years, saying that’s how they could reach people through the News Feed. But over time, a...
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You Don’t Believe It: Facebook Is Charging You For Your New Advert

Maybe this might catch you with a splinter of surprise, anyway, Facebook is charging you for the advert. Like most online advertiser, Facebook’s main...
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Out-tubing the YouTube: Facebook Set to Overtake YouTube as Internet Video Player

Facebook has taken a step further in its newsfeed algorithm change by including a chance of viewing videos on the screen with advantages to...

Sparkcentral Launches Instagram Support in Summer ‘15 Edition

Enterprise customer care teams can now respond real-time and engage with customers over the picture and video sharing network -- Instagram. San Francisco, CA,...
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Ways to Boost Ecommerce Conversions

Using the right techniques, it may seem easy to attract customers to your website. However, in business, the number of visitors to your site...

Wisper Sets Its Journey to Become the Next Go-to Ephemeral Social App for the...

Wisper Sets Its Journey to Become the Next Go-to Ephemeral Social App for the New GenerationWisper’s new, quirky application, with its catchy aesthetics and...