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The Evolution of Drones


Drones have become so commonplace these days that’s it’s easy to forget how far the technology has come just in a matter of a few years with some experts saying that the UAV technology is just as disruptive as the internet and other modern inventions that have changed civilization.

Not so long ago, the use of drones were the preserve of the military where they were used in the battlefield and to get to unreachable and dangerous where it was impossible to get men on the ground to access.

Now, thanks to human ingenuity and curiosity, there more drones in civilian hands that there are in the military and they have even become something of a cultural phenomenon.

How drones are made

Also known as Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), drones consist of the flying unit made of light alloys and the remote control for navigation also referred to as the ground cockpit amongst drone enthusiasts.

The body is made of composite materials to make it strong while still maintaining their lightweight. This also helps for easy navigation and aerodynamics.

The technology

What makes drones interesting is the technology. Most drones especially those used in humanitarian missions and mapping applications have a radar system and also come with both the GPS and GLONASS that use satellite position systems. This improves the accuracy of the drones and that’s why some have a return to home capability.

Additionally, most drones in the market these days come with obstacle sensors so they don’t flying into walls and if the systems fail, the speed is usually significantly slowed down so that the impact is lessened thereby minimizing the possible damage on the drone.

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Flight control

Drones fly using propellers that are multi-directional to make able to fly in any direction. Using an electronic speed controller and gyro stabilization technology, flight control is possible which is why drones can hover or flying at varying speeds.


The uptake of drones has steadily grown over the years and has transcended what was formerly a military device and then for the indulgence of a few geeks and have become a mainstream electronic with several applications.

The application of drones in everyday life is common now where theyused in photography, hobbies and food deliveries.

The future of drones

Manufacturers keep coming up withnew drone models keep every other day, each with its own unique design and features. While this makes the industry quite vibrant, it can be confusing for a beginner to know where to start. Luckily, there are many drone review sites like cash loan that do the hard work for you and rank drones by every possible feature you can imagine. From size to capability, cost to ease of use.

There also now drone clubs that train newbies and organize drone competitions and air shows in addition to being great ambassadors for the use of drones in consumer applications.

The full potential of drones is yet to be exploited which makes the future even more exciting.