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Whats Going On Between Drake and Serena


serena-300x216Recently Serena Williams and Drake have been spotted making out in an restaurant at Italy . If the two haven’t made any comment yet, people in their camp start talking.

Tenniswoman Serena Williams and rapper Drake are an item. Yes, they have always denied it but now we have pictures that proves the two are clearly involved in a relationship.

Rumors concerning their relationship started back in 2011 and here they are four years later surfacing again. Photographed in an Italian restaurant just a few hours after Serena won a trophy at a tennis tournament in Cincinnati, the couple was seen kissing and holding hands in a private room. But TMZ cameras are never too far.

One day after breaking that story, the celebrity website, got more information from sources in Serena’s camp. Apparently, in 2011 Serena Williams and Drake’s love story didn’t last because of Drake’s fooling around with some other girls. So, Serena is now giving the rapper a second chance because she feels like they have “a good vibe”, the source tells.  An insider in Drake’s camp says he is being more serious this time, treating Serena like the lady that she is.


A video recorded by a fan who was in Cincinnati during Serena’s match shows Drizzy and the athlete exchanging smiles and such. So cute, and it definitely looks like a they are crushing hard for each other.