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Total Panic As Tanker Catches Fire In Iganmu-Lagos

Tanker-Catches-Fire-NigeriaFire was all over the premises of Zoom, a telecommunications company close to the National Theatre in Iganmu-Lagos today, in the morning, after an explosion took place as some people were transferring fuel from one tanker into another.
Reports has it that the explosion, which occured shortly after 11AM caused panic in the areas as many ran for safety.
At the fire scene, 3 petrol tankers and one trailer had been severly burnt by 12PM, while firefighters were battling to prevent the fire from spreading to the warehouse of the telecommunications company.
Mr Bassey Moses, a security guard with Zoom, said that some people were transferring diesel when a genrator they were using sparked and caught fire.
”We were told to allow them to be parking their trucks here. One of their trucks has a fault and in the process of transferring the diesel from it to another tanker, the fire broke out”, he said.


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