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PMB Should Find The Best Brains To Stop Reccession – Senators


Kemi AdeosunMembers of the Nigerian Senate have called on President Muhammadu Buhari to find the best brains to help the country out of the current recession.

The senators made the call on Wednesday, September 21, and also advised Buhari to sack or redeploy Finance Minister, Kemi Adeosun over the economic crisis.

“The minister for finance can do much better in another ministry. At this critical time we need somebody who is more experienced to man the ministry of finance so that he can be able to coordinate the strategies for this recovery,” Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu said.

“We need to go all out and look for the best brain to come and help us out of this recession,” he added.

“President Buhari must rejig his cabinet. It is not out of tune to sack all incompetent ministers who find themselves where they lack expertise,” Senator Dino Melaye also said.
Melaye had earlier called for Adeosun’s sack after describing her as incompetent.

The minister was the centre of controversy recently when she supposedly said, via Twitter, that “recession is just a word”.

Mrs Adeosun has since denied the tweet saying she doesn’t have a Twitter account.


  1. We do not need another brain, we need new senators, people who can be accountable and transparent and who are really interested in the issues going on in their various constituents

  2. Our dear senators, who are this suitable hands that you are all clamoring for? NOI was given so much pressure and insult when she was in office that she had no choice but to succumb to pressure, that is one of the many reasons why we are where we are.

    We need fresh brains and new youthful blood to drive our economy. That is why Kemi Adeosun is the right person for the job. And so far she has proven herself worthwhile. She has been transparent, accountable, forthcoming and unbiased in all her reports. She has refused to succumb to pressure from all angles and is making sure that our money is well spent.

    And how are we to believe that the Senate has the interest of the people and not the interest of their pockets at hand? You all went for a 2 month recesses and only found out how bad the economy was last week during the holiday, when Kemi Adeosun has been on the television, paper, radio and the internet informing us on what is going on in the economy, asking for our patience and fighting to right the wrongs that have been made in time past. When America was in recession, all hands where on deck to move the economy out of recession, but alas, the reverse is the case here, the people who are working to get us out of recession are been witch hunted for doing a good job.

    Senators, we Nigerian youths beseech you all to wake up and stop taking us for fools. If Kemi Adeosun goes then it becomes true that the senate are only after money and not the growth of our economy. She has managed to make it impossible for you all to embezzle as desired and now you want her out of the way.

    We already have all the brains we need working on our economy, its time for the Senate to enact proper policies that will ensure the works already on ground yield benefits ASAP.


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