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Bow Wow’s Daughter Lip Synchs Rihanna’s BBHMM


rihanna-as-a-teenagerBow Wow’s daughter, Shai is cute and fierce in this latest video.

Bow Wow’s baby mama, Joie Chavis, posted a video on October 15, 2016, of their 5-year-old miming the words to Rihanna’s hit single ‘Bitch better have my money’.

And she is a lip sync queen already! In the short video little Shai does everything from fierce hand movements to hair flips and a sass-filled performance, Shai might be getting a record deal soon.

Meanwhile, on August 7, 2016 rapper Bow Wow announced that he was done with rap and will be retiring after the release of his last album.

“Retirement only means that it is time for a new adventure” over 10 million sold. This the last one. THANK YOU for the musical journey!…Im NOT coming back wearing the 4-5. ITS OVER” announced Bow Wow on his Instagram page.

But instead of appreciation tweets and messages to flood time lines all Bow Wow got were cruel jokes.


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