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Recent Research Reveals Many People Are living With Long COVID


In a research by the United kingdom’ National Institute For Health it was revealed that a large number of people might be living with a “Long Covid”. Which is a long lasting effect of a Covid-19 infection that affects people psychologically and socially.

COVID-19 Coronavirus
COVID-19 Coronavirus

The research stated that common symptoms of “Long Covid” , are fatigue, malfunctioning of the mental health, irregular breathing, irregularities in cardiovascular health.

Subject to the research four different syndromes are responsible for the symptoms of “Long Covid” which are post intensive care syndrome, post viral fatigue syndrome, long-term covid symptoms, and damage to the lungs and heart.

Statements taken from patients reveal that the Covid-19 disease is a cyclical disease with symptoms moving around the body in a fluctuating motion. Acute Covid-19 symptoms like respiratory issues make it difficult to receive treatment or recognition for “Long Covid”.

The research is however not static as it is subject to update based on further information and evidence on “Long Covid”.


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