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Barcelona Can Play Better In The 2nd Half – Pique


Gerard PiqueSpanish defender, Gerard Pique has said Barcelona lost to the Real Madrid he has faced at the Bernabeu.

Pique was surprised at the low level of Real’s performance in the first half and added that it is sad that his club could not take advantage.

According to him, it is always painful to lose at the Bernabeu due to the importance of the game and Barcelona must improve as soon as possible to clinch the La Liga one more time.

He added that it is a missed opportunity for Barca and they must step up their 2nd half performances.

His words, “Real Madrid in the first half was the worst Madrid I’ve faced at the Bernabeu,”

“We missed a chance to hurt them.

“We have to play better than in second half, though, we lost balls and they grew in confidence.”

“Yes, they were giving off the worst possible impression and I don’t say it as a criticism. We all have problems in our clubs.

“But I have the feeling that it’s an important missed opportunity [for Barcelona].”

“We still have a margin of improvement and it is enough for us to win La Liga if we do things well until the end of the season – but we have to do them well,”

“Whenever you lose [at the Bernabeu], you get hurt. Because of the importance of the game, the points … If we won, it was an important step.

“We have to focus on improving, especially on our second half performance.”