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Malaria outbreak in South Sudan

Malaria Outbreak Is Unprecedented In South Sudan

Theresa Ahok is in a hurry in a remote northwest corner of South Sudan. The 35-year-old is from the village of Adiang and walked for...
African police officials

Algeria, A ‘Symbolic Target’ For ISIL, Champions Afripol

Top African police officials met in Algiers this month to ratify legal documents related to the creation of Afripol, the pan-African law enforcement agency...
Libyan Rebels AJ

Unity Deal: UN Security Council Backs Libya

United Nations (UN) Security Council has given its backing to Libya's new government of national unity, a move it hopes will help stem mass...

UN Mission Chief On Challenges Of South Sudan Peace Deal {Questions & Answers}

South Sudan recently marked the second anniversary since a brutal conflict began that has killed thousands of people and forced two million others from...

The Complex Factors Of Famine In South Sudan

After two months of dipping and diving in the shallows of South Sudan’s swamps, surviving on water lily roots and fish, James Gul is...

15,000 Children Recruited To Fight In South Sudan

Rights advocates have called on South Sudan’s government and rebel leaders to punish commanders accused of recruiting thousands of child soldiers to fight in...

The Many Barriers To Aid In South Sudan

Aid organisations are unable to reach hundreds of thousands of people, and thousands more are at risk of starvation as civil war in South...

Egyptian Government extends Journalist’s Detention for a Second Time

The Egypt's government has for the second time extended the detention of a journalist accused of “releasing false news aimed at spreading terror” and...

Internal Fragmentation Casts Doubt Over Libya National Unity Government Deal

Libya’s rival factions have agreed to sign a United Nations-backed deal for government of national unity, but questions over whether the main political and...

Rival Factions In Libya Agree To Sign Unity Government Deal

Rival Libyans have agreed to sign a UN-backed national unity government deal following months of negotiations, the UN special envoy for Libya announced in...