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Buhari’s #Next Level Agenda Is Fraudulent – Timi Frank


Timi FrankTimi Frank has mocked the next level campaign of President Buhari.

Buhari, on Sunday, November 18, 2018, launched a document containing his administration’s projections for the next four years tagged: The Next Level.

The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) also lifted the ban on campaigns for the 2019 general elections on Sunday.

According to Daily Post, Frank described the document as a fraud and advised Nigerians to disregard it.

The former APC spokesman also said that the ruling party has no achievement to show, adding that embracing the next level campaign will be detrimental.

He said “Under the Buhari/APC’s administration, we have seen worst statistics of job losses, unemployment, economic stagnation, abject poverty, treasury looting, disobedience to court orders, intimidation of Judicial officers, dictatorship, selective anti-corruption fight, lies, intolerance, insincerity, outright tyranny, continuous breach of the Constitution, nepotism, cronyism and the use of security forces to intimidate the National Assembly and the poor citizens of this country.

“Their Change Agenda has failed. The #Next Level Agenda is fraudulent. The last three and a half years has proved they don’t have what it takes to chart a way forward for Nigeria. No man can give what he does not possess. They deceived Nigerians with Change Agenda, which turned out to be a change in personal fortune for themselves and their cronies.

Frank said that accepting Buhari’s campaign document will be accepting the next level of suffering.

“This can only mean a #Next Level of vote allocation to the APC, disenfranchisement of Nigerians through vote buying, use of security forces to rig election in favour of Buhari/APC, intimidation of voters, harassment and illegal detention of opposition political leaders.

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“This can only mean a #Next Level of empowering his cabinet to divert the nation’s patrimony from budgeted allocation to their private pockets.

“This can only mean a #Next Level of diverting relief materials meant for suffering Internally Displaced Persons for their pecuniary gains. This can only mean a #Next Level of filling up key federal vacancies with candidates from one section of the country,” he added.