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Burna Boy Has A Sweet Tooth – Sister


Burna BoyBurna Boy’s younger sister, Nissi has come out to reveal what growing up with the singer was like.

Nissi recently revealed that growing up with Burna Boy for years was very entertaining.

According to her, the musician is mischievous and spontaneous and she enjoyed every moment they spent together as siblings.

She added that Burna Boy has a sweet tooth and he likes sweet things a whole lot.

His words, “Growing up in my family was just about me and Burna Boy doing our thing. Being mischievous and spontaneous,”

“Burna Boy has a sweet tooth. The guy likes sweet things. He’s also extremely protective especially of myself and my sister. He’s goofy.”

On his music, “But there are times when there is a song and there is a progression and a chord and he’s trying to figure out what to do with it and because I’m the piano player, he asks of my opinion and he values my opinion. Sometimes, I send him some tracks to listen to and ask him for his favourite one and he gives me his feedback.”


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