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Coronavirus Has Made All Clubs Equal – Pirlo


Andrea PirloJuventus manager, Andrea Pirlo has come out to say that the club is facing a strange season in Serie A.

He recently revealed that the impact of coronavirus on the schedule has restored balance across European football.

According to him, there are no more untouchable teams, and all clubs must now play football matches with the right mentality to win.

He added that with the pandemic, and the matches coming in between little rest, the leagues are wide open for all clubs.

His words, “It’s a strange championship but it’s like all the other European championships,”

“With Covid and the matches close together, everything has balanced out a bit and therefore you have to face every game with the right mentality.

“There are no more ‘materasso’ teams; there are strong teams who think about playing and not just defending themselves. You have to face them all with a certain mentality otherwise you risk facing nasty surprises.”

“More than results, it is the attitude and concentration in facing all matches in the same way, both in the Champions League and in the league,”

“When you have the right attitude and the spirit of wanting to play the game, the results are on your side.”


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