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Feeling bored? See our tips on how you make more of your free time

Make more of your free time
Make more of your free time

We live in a time when we have simply forgotten how to do nothing. This is reinforced by smartphones, through which we are available and busy around the clock. Once social media and the current news situation have been “read to the end”, we are immediately bored. While free time used to be precious, today it almost drives many people to despair. What to do? We have put together a few ideas for you that will hopefully help you to enjoy your free time again or use it wisely. Many people consider playing games or gambling online as a great past time activity. There are a multitude of websites that allow for a great time, like West virginia online casinos or other games online. Regardless whether your priorities lie in playing or doing homework, setting up a list that allows for better organizing and time management is always a useful thing to do.

To-do list for starters

The next time you get bored with boredom, grab paper and pen and write a to-do list . That alone is a sensible pastime. Set priorities. You can do this, for example, based on the so-called Eisenhower matrix sort your tasks by importance. You can directly implement the points with the highest priority. So you immediately have the feeling that you have achieved something.

One of the items on your list could be to clear out your home, because that frees you and can change your life for the better. A good pastime that will accompany you for a long time, because in a day it is rarely done. Helpful tips to minimize your belongings can be found in the book “Magic Cleaning: How proper cleaning up changes your life” by Marie Kondo. Or you follow the principles of “death cleaning” . Once you’ve started, mucking out can become a real passion.

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Radio against boredom

To break the silence, make a good audio book or listen to a podcast. There are not only exciting and entertaining audiobooks and podcasts, but also those that educate and inform you.

In ” Tonspur N” Annemarie Harant and Roman Mesicek talk about sustainable development, corporate social responsibility and social entrepreneurship.

In the minimalism podcast, Michael Klumb and Daniel Siewert report twice a month on the subject of minimalism and simple life in all its facets.

Until the end of 2019, the “Green Radio” from the Federal Environment Agency broadcast interviews, reports or background articles on current environmental issues once a week. Still worth listening to.

You can buy and listen to audio books online. Public radio stations also partially offer free radios and programs for download or you look at flea markets or online for used audiobook CDs.

DIY projects never get boring

Do-It-Yourself projects are a good way to keep boredom away or not to arise.

If you are not already a handcraft king, sewing professional or master craftsman, attend a course or let family or friends teach you how to do it.

You can also find many (video) instructions on the Internet. Once you get started, DIY fever will probably take hold of you faster than you can imagine.

Set yourself a sensible goal that spurs you on. Do you need a new wardrobe? Great, then try to build one yourself. Winter is approaching? Your mother will surely be happy about a self-knitted scarf.

On Utopia you will find many suggestions for DIY projects, for example for homemade lip balm, self-made gym bags or self-made candles . Anyone who is once gripped by DIY fervor no longer has to worry about gifts, because there are many creative ideas for making gifts yourself.

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A meaningful pastime: volunteering against boredom

Boredom is a luxury problem. Many people have far more serious problems than too much time. Always be aware of this – and maybe even for your life’s work:

You have the opportunity to volunteer in almost every city. This way you won’t get bored in your life.

Think carefully about what task might suit you and what personal skills you can use to help others.

Find out from the charitable associations (e.g. Caritas or Red Cross) or church institutions in your city which opportunities there are for voluntary work.