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I Admired Gerrard As A Player – Klopp


Jurgen KloppLiverpool legend, Jurgen Klopp has come out to say that he finally met club legend, Steven Gerrard after a long time.

Klopp recently revealed that they actually lived in the same town for four-and-a-half years but never met each other.

According to Jurgen, he has definitely seen him walking with his kids from time to time but they both kept distant for a while even if he really admires his football career.

Klopp added that Gerrard is a great guy so it was an honour to meet him.

His words, “Four-and-a-half years I lived in the town and never met him,”

“I knew where he lives, I live in the house he built and Brendan Rodgers bought and we rent but it had never happened.

“I saw him for sure, walking with his kids and missus. We always keep distant, yeah. But it was nice. I admired him as a player and met him as a guy here and he is a great guy so it was great to see him.”

On Gary Neville, “I didn’t learn a lot during lockdown except Gary Neville has an opinion on absolutely everything. It’s incredible!”

“So no, I didn’t learn a lot but I have known myself for 52 years.

“I know I can deal with difficult situations before and this is a difficult situation not only for me and my family but for everybody on this planet. I am quite proud of how we as a society are dealing with it.

“We as human beings are not perfect so we make mistakes but I think we have understood a lot more of how we are all connected to each other. That is something good.”