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I Didn’t Join The MLS For A Holiday – Matuidi

Blaise Matuidi
Blaise Matuidi
Inter Miami midfielder, Blaise Matuidi has come out to say that he still has ambitions to play for France.

He recently revealed that he did not move to MLS for a holiday and he actually wants to play football in America.

According to him, he never sacrificed the France team with his move because it is a transfer he is very happy with.

He added that he can still be a soldier for the national team and would always deliver when called upon.

Deschamps had said, “It was a career decision, a life choice.

“He is taking responsibility for it. I can understand at his age. We spoke about it together, he knows very well that by taking this decision, it is more difficult for him in terms of the France squad.

“I did not say to him categorically no, in terms of what he has done, what he could be capable of doing, knowing that there is competition at the same time.

“He remains a top-quality player and it’s up to him to adapt to his new situation, different matches.”

Matuidi added, “In my head, I did not sacrifice the France team.

“It was a difficult choice because I spent many years in the France team, I experienced disappointment and joy there.

“Of course not being called up for the French team, it feels weird, but it is a choice I made by taking into account all the parameters, and I’m happy about it.

“But I know what I can do, what I can bring. I have not come here on holiday, he knows that very well. I remain a soldier and if I am called upon I will respond positively.”


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