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The El Clasico At The Bernabeu Will Be Evenly Contested – Sergio Ramos

Sergio RamosReal Madrid’s El Clasico clashes vs Barcelona are not like every other game, Sergio Ramos has said.

The Spanish defender believes the entire experience is different on the pitch when the two great La Liga giants face off.

According to him, beating Barcelona at the Bernabeu would bring massive joy to the team as they head into an important period of the season with the stakes higher against their fiercest rivals.

He added that the match at his club’s stadium will be evenly contested because there is hardly any difference between both teams.

His words, “It’s not just any other game,”

“Despite there just being three points at stake, as there is in every game, El Clasico is a game unlike any other. Beating Barcelona would bring us great joy.

“What’s more, it usually has a really positive impact on the group in terms of morale.

“Both teams know that and it’s something that we have to deal with as best we can to turn it into an incentive that drives you on to victory.

“Right from the start of the week, the whole experience is different. It brings a lot of media attention, but that’s also what makes this game so great, La Liga, the players… The feeling you get is one that comes from inside, it’s really hard to explain.”

“It’ll be very evenly contested, on account of the stage of the season we’re at and because there’s hardly any difference in terms of the points we have.

“It could be pivotal or not, depending on the result, but I think that there’s still a really long way to go in the La Liga season. There’s a lot of points to play for and anything can happen.

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“It’ll be really important for us to win at home, in front of our fans, which is also an added motivation for us and will give us greater satisfaction if we win. We’re stronger with them behind us and that has to show. Let’s hope that we can make a statement and win at home.

“It’s true that La Liga is very competitive, but we’re going to be fighting for the title. We’re really excited by the prospect of winning it, and we’re therefore focused on performing to our best.

“La Liga gets more difficult by the year and it’s ever more evenly matched. Today you can’t go out saying that you’re going to win at every ground, because that’s not true. Any of the teams can cause you problems.

“That’s also what makes the Spanish top flight special and it makes it so much more exciting. It’ll give us even great satisfaction if we win the title.”

On Zidane, “He’s an excellent coach, not only on account of his record and all of the trophies we’ve won under him,”

“He spent many years here as a player and has a really good command of life in the dressing room. Not everyone is able to manage a dressing room, or at least not in such a natural way as he does.

“Regardless of whether they get more or less game time, he’s got all of the players motivated and that’s one of his big strengths. He knows exactly what he can get out of each of us and I see him as being the perfect coach for a team like Real Madrid. Here’s hoping that we can enjoy another era of great triumphs with him.”