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World Investors Week: The Nigerian Stock Exchange Gives Insight


In commemoration of the “World Investors Week”, 2020, The Nigerian Stock Exchange (NSE), has provided information on shares. According to the NSE, through an update shared on their page, investors who wish can trade their shares through a stock broker who wil in turn help them to trade their stocks remotely through direct market access .

The Nigerian Stock Exchange Logo
The Nigerian Stock Exchange Logo

In creating product awareness, in respect of the “World Investors Week”, The Nigerian Stock Exchange, stated that: “With a market capitalization of over 14.8 trillion Naira and YTD (Year-To-Date) return of 5.8% as at 9th October 2020, the exchange offers the best of African enterprises

Stock ExchangeThe NSE didn’t cease to remind brokers and potential brokers that as much as stocks offer growth of capital and dividend, it is also a risk taking investment. The Nigerian Stock Exchange, also went further by stating that, shares can help to increase your saving, increase your income and maximize wealth.

The Nigerian Stock Exchange went further by stating that equities bought in a company makes one to have an ownership interest in that company which depends on the total number of shares bought by an investor compared to the total shares the company issued.


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