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I Am Not Impressed With Buhari’s Anti-Corruption War – Yakubu Dogara


Speaker of the House of Representatives, Yakubu Dogara, has berated President Muhammadu Buhari’s anti-corruption war, saying it is only fighting the symptoms.

Dogara said too much “emphasis” is placed on the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) instead of preventive agencies like the Fiscal Responsibility Commission (FRC).

The speaker stated this on Thursday, July 13, when a delegation from the FRC visited him in Abuja.

Dogara faulted the non-disclosure of interests accruing to Nigeria’s foreign reserve accounts which he said should be under the custody of agencies like FRC “for dissemination to the public when necessary”.

According to him, Nigeria earns interest on foreign reserves like Botswana but the country has such interest as its second highest revenue source after natural resources.

He questioned why the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) does not declare interests accruing on the foreign reserves accounts of the federation even after the House had passed a resolution calling it to do so in December 2015.

Dogara said, “In Nigeria, we have been asking the question, are we earning or are we just running charity with it or just leave people to manage it.

“From the way we are fighting corruption, it is like emphasis is built on EFCC, but the problem with that approach that you are dealing with the symptoms of corruption.

“Once you continue to deal with the leaves and the fruits, and the root is still there, you cannot totally eliminate corruption.

“These are preventive agencies and we ought to invest more in agencies such as the Fiscal Responsibility Commission because we have to make it difficult for corruption itself to take place.

Once we do that, we will be applying the remedy at the root of corruption.

“There is no limit to the kind of attention we can pay to agencies like this, because this is the right way to combat corruption itself to ensure that resources are efficiently allocated and that we have fiscal discipline.”


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