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Choose a smartphone according to your budget

Top 5 Smartphones to release by the second half of 2018
Top 5 Smartphones to release by the second half of 2018

Everyone has a preference when it comes to our mobile companions. From the everlasting war between an iPhone and Android to arguments regarding smaller brands, screen types, camera quality, function vs form, etc. we all have something particular we’re looking for in a phone.

As technology progressed and evolved over time, things ended up changing quite a bit. First, there was this revolution when all-screen phones first showed up. Back then, every year brought us a massive breakthrough and tons of incredibly useful features. Every new generation of phones was vastly better than the previous one, incentivizing us to keep upgrading and buying new devices. However, as it generally happens in the world of technology, things slow down. Nowadays, we’re at a point when there are still upgrades yet rarely is something as impactful as everything was just a few years ago. Suddenly, we’ve switched from buying a new smartphone every year to actually being able to use one for many years; especially so for basic and average users.

On top of that, features that used to be exclusive to high-end phones became cheaper to make over time, and so more and more midrange, and even entry-level devices, started having those AMOLED displays, higher quality cameras, better CPUs and GPUs with incredible overall performance, and so on. Whether cheap phones are getting good, or good phones are getting cheap, the fact of the matter is that differences between $500 mobiles and $1000 are becoming less and less apparent. Simply put, both of those are perfectly capable for everyday tasks, mobile photography, for playing those online sex games, for social media, etc.

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Of course, that is not to say premium devices aren’t, in the end, better but, the average user probably won’t notice any difference. Having a favorite is perfectly fine. However, if you are in any way on a budget (after all, most people can’t afford to spend $2000 on a phone), don’t go into debt as there’s no need to spend so much on a phone unless it pays you back somehow.