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Sterling’s Potential Has Always Been Obvious — Roy Hodgson


sterlingCrystal Palace coach, Roy Hodgson has praised Raheem Sterling’s development on and off the field, however, he added a cheeky hope that the praise will affect him negatively against his team this weekend.

According to Roy, Sterling’s potential as a footballer has always been obvious, and his development away from the field is admirable as well.

Set to go against the former Liverpool star in the EPL very soon, Hodgson has now said he is hoping his praises directed at the youngster will have a negative on him vs Crystal Palace.

His words, “He was always a fantastic midfielder, a very hard worker, made good runs most of the time. I remember in Switzerland, he played in behind the front players, like he was for Liverpool, and he was quite outstanding.”

“The criticism levelled at him was much to my displeasure and the attention he was getting elsewhere from social media and sometimes the media itself was draining his confidence.

“I think the big thing for Raheem is there is no drain in his confidence, there is no doubt about his ability. Of course, he is playing in a team that is creating lots of chances so when he gets in the right areas he is able to score goals.

“On this subject too, I must add that his maturity as a person has been really fascinating to watch.

“All of the responsibility he has accepted and not just as a Manchester City player but shouldering a heavy burden with the racism and the attention that is being paid to this racism problem that we have.

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“I heap praise on him in the hope he’ll repay me by playing very badly.”