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iBoomMedia.com — Social Media Experts Who Value Real Followers


NEW YORK, NY–(Marketwired – Apr 3, 2015) – Here’s a statement that can’t be argued with: people buy things online. Users share things on social media, like pages, and follow Twitter feeds. But many businesses end up with fake likes and followers, generated by their social media marketing agency, just to realize that this strategy has no long-term benefits. No bot will ever become a sales conversion, which is truly the only bottom line concern that any company should have. This is why iBoomMedia.com has become such a valuable partner for companies seeking to expand their online marketing strategy. 

iBoomMedia.com was founded by Justin Matthew, a legendary internet marketing pioneer who grew a small YouTube channel — “HouseholdHacker” — into a worldwide phenomenon with international media coverage and substantial monetization revenue thanks to more than 200 million views. He holds the world record for the most shared circles on Google+, incredibly enough outpacing Google+ itself, which is ranked in the #3 spot. Matthew has since taken his talents to a wider clientele, first becoming a record-holder for independent jobs sourced through Fivver, then establishing his social network marketing company, JM Consulting, Inc. Most recently, with the founding of iBoomMedia.com, a team of social media experts who have achieved top honors and awards through their work with Kred, Klout, Google, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and other networks, Mathew and his team get their clients to the top of Google Rankings and generate impressive traffic.

“Our motto is ‘real followers, real results’,” explains Justin Matthew, founder and president of iBoom Media. “We’ve seen accounts with 500,000 or 1 million followers that will get less than 20 likes when a new post goes up. Frankly, that’s impossible. Fake people don’t buy your product, why go through the effort of building fake followers?”

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iBoom’s clients seek real results, whether it is targeting users that will be interested in their products and services; targeting a specific area of the country; targeting a competitor’s followers; or overall sales growth through social media efforts. The experienced iBoomMedia.com team of social media branding experts works in tandem with the client company to customize each campaign. Every industry niche has its own characteristics — things that may go viral for one business will not necessarily have the same success for another. The group has successfully worked with companies in the areas of Travel, Technology, Clothing, Personal Hygiene, Education and Photography, developing unique strategies and adapting existing approaches to maximize followers – and most importantly, sales conversions. They gather business intelligence by tracking the effectiveness of individual campaign elements, combine collective expertise with track records that continue to achieve above and beyond clients’ typical results. iBoom Media can generate more traffic, leads, and more customer turnaround than any other social media service.

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