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Jonathan Convoked Confab On Very Risky Rule Of Thumb, Says Delegate

f5f77151bccdc35eb8b23efd3d5962b8Constitutional lawyer and professor of law, Auwalu Yadudu, yesterday told the ongoing National Conference in Abuja that the gathering lacked popular democratic principles.

Yadudu, who is one of the North-West delegates, argued that though President Goodluck Jonathan claimed not to have any sinister motive for convening the conference, there appeared to be a bold agenda set in play by acts of commission or omission.

The one-time legal adviser to the late dictator, General Sani Abacha, Yadudu noted that it is evident that the conference was designed, not in line with popular or democratic indices, contrary to the advice offered by the Femi Okurounmu Presidential Committee on National Dialogue. The conference, he added, is convoked on a novel and very risky rule of the thumb.

While insisting that the composition of delegates to the conference is based on criteria that are against universally acceptable democratic norms, the don noted that though many delegates may not submit themselves for election, the conference should not engage in self-delusion.

He explained further that given the unelected nature through which delegates were selected, the conference lacked the essential brief or mandate to restructure the country with finality. He also advised that the conference should accept its limited function as just another dignified presidential advisory committee, albeit an enlarged one.

He said, “Some have argued that even the National Assembly lacks sufficient popular mandate or credibility. That it is incapable or less favourably disposed to undertake the demolition or profound reconstruction job which Nigeria critically needs.

“This is on account of the alleged deep flaws in our electoral system and processes that its members have benefited from. Need one be reminded that the president is himself the product and beneficiary of the same deeply flawed electoral processes? As such, he cannot claim or be ascribed any more legitimacy than the National Assembly. Yet we recognise his constitutional powers to convene and have responded to his call to participate in this conference”, he said.