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Mariah Carey’s BF Tells Her To Stop Fighting With Nick Cannon?


mariah careyIs Mariah Carey’s new billionaire boyfriend asking her to stop fighting with ex-husband, Nick Cannon?

According to The National Enquirer, James Parker says he won’t marry Carey unless she ends all feuds with her ex. The site claims the former couple has been at each other’s throats because of money.

“Mariah has been playing hardball over money and custody issues,” a source tells the outlet, “but Packer is fed up with the endless bickering between Mariah and Nick.” The magazine’s alleged source claims he warned Carey that her and Cannon’s twins Moroccan and Monroe will “wind up the victims if Mariah and Nick drag out the haggling.”

The source went to say Packer secretly proposed to Carey last Christmas but the alleged engagement was “James’ way of putting a fire under Mariah’s butt to finalize things with Nick.

However, Gossip Cop claims the story is “false”. Not only is Mariah and James not engaged, but she and Nick have been cordial and cooperative ever since their announced they were divorcing

“Mariah and Nick are totally cool,” a source tell Gossip Cop and calls the report about Packer allegedly proposing and ordering her to stop feuding with Cannon completely “not true.”