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My Altercation With Mbappe Was Normal, The Media Escalated It – Tuchel


Thomas TuchelPSG striker, Kylian Mbappe was very angry at being substituted in a recent Ligue 1 game, but Thomas Tuchel has said he does not feel the mini dispute would be used as a reason to quit the club.

Tuchel believes the confrontation will not escalate to the point of the Frenchman trying to force an exit from the league leaders because it was not that serious.

According to him, Mbappe has a contract and he expects him to honor it because he had every right to take the decision he took since he is the manager.

He added that the issue was not that intense between them, but the media escalated it.

His words, “I can’t think that Mbappe might use this situation as a reason to leave the club,”

“He is one of our players, he has a contract. I took that decision and this is the coach’s job.

“It’s not personal between us. It’s just a thing between a player who doesn’t want to be substituted and a coach who has reasons to do so, because he has players on the bench who need and deserve to play.

“The problem is there are cameras, fans, journalists, and a lot of people want to talk about it. This is why I was sad. There were a lot of positive things to talk about on the pitch.

“I talked with Leo (sporting director Leonardo), as we usually do, at 11, after the game. But it will be between us and the staff, it stays in the locker room.”

On his decision to take him off, “If I wanted to be a politician I would work in politics. I am a coach. I can only think about sports,”

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“I made the decision to leave Mauro Icardi and Edinson Cavani on the bench, starting with Pablo Sarabia, they didn’t like that obviously. But that’s a sporting choice.

“Sometimes it’s better to have a left or right footed player, but I cannot think about politics. I cannot think it is hard to leave an individual on the bench.

“I am convinced that the players and the dressing room, everyone understands those decisions because this is how it works. I am the coach and have to make hard decisions.

“It’s the same with substitutions. I decided that the game was finished. We have the possibility to let Pablo and Kylian leave the pitch and put Mauro Icardi and Edinson Cavani on the pitch because they deserved it.

“Julian Draxler could have played instead of Neymar, but I am not scared. Why should I be?

“I decided that Leandro Paredes deserved [to come on] because he was captain against Pau and played a great game. He deserved to start. This is why I wanted to give him some time on the pitch.

“I know it is hard for some players to accept, but in the end, for me, the only thing they have to accept are sporting things.

“If I start playing politics, I’m going to get lost. Everyone will put pressure on me and I’ll only substitute Tanguy Kouassi because he’s the youngest.”