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US President Donald Trump

US President Trump will sign new Russian Sanctions – White House

The President of the United States, Donald Trump is set to sign the legislation that imposes sanctions on Russia, the White House said on...
Donald Trump

ObamaCare: Trump Condemns Rebellious Republicans And Democrats

United States President, Donald Trump has condemned the Republican and Democratic senators responsible and still openly expressed hope that the legacy legislation will self...
Russian President Vladimir Putin and US President Donald Trump in Hamburg, Germany

Russia reacts to US Congress Sanctions, expels US Diplomats, seizes Properties

In what seems to be a reprisal attacks from Russia on the United States, Russian government has angrily reacted to the sanctions imposed on... Founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos now the Richest Man in the World, topples Bill Gates

The Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Inc, Jeff Bezos, has toppled fellow tech billionaire Bill Gates as the richest person in the...
Tear Gas incidents during the Venezuela Anti Government Protest

Venezuela Referendum: US orders Families of Embassy Staff to Quit

United States government has ordered the families of its embassy staff in Venezuela to leave as a political crisis deepened ahead of a controversial...
US President Donald Trump

Obamacare: US Senate triumph Again, reject Repeal Bill

US President Donald Trump's plan to halt Obamacare failed again at US Senate as the United States Senators early today narrowly rejected a dramatically slimmed-down...
Former US Secretary of State and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton’s US Election Memoirs Out In September 2017

The former US Secretary of State and Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton has confirmed the release of a book titled “What Happened” in September 2017...

US Navy fires Warning Shots at Iranian Vessel

shots at Iranian vessel A United States (U.S) Naval ship fired warning shots at an Iranian vessel that came too close to the U.S. craft...
Igho Sanomi

$1.7b Oil Proceed Scandal: Meet Igho Sanomi, Third Man Named In the Swindle of...

Igho Sanomi of Taleveras Group is named in US Court papers along with Omokore, Aluko, Diezani. Court documents filed in Houston by the US Justice...
Crime Scene in USA

Crime Scene: 8 found Dead inside Truck in Texas

People trafficking in USA turns tragic at San Antonio, Texas Eight persons were found dead Sunday in a truck in a Walmart parking lot in...