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EaseUS Data Recovery

When Data Loss Prevention matters, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard tops the List

For most of us, our laptops and the data on our laptops is our life’s work. Due to this very reason, the data on...
Data Recovery Files

Most Effective Method to Locate the Best Data Recovery Software

Choice of the best data recovery software is significant in the event that you need to guarantee a fruitful recovery of your lost data. However, the...
Data Recovery

Realities About Data Recovery Software

There may have been occasions throughout your life or vocation where your day begins with a hard plate crash or a physical memory dump....
Floor Cleaning Equipment

Top 4 Signs That You Need to Invest in New Floor Cleaning Equipment

Your business is a busy place and there’s quite a bit of floor traffic. Keeping the carpeting and the tile clean can be a...
Fire Suppression Systems

4 Points to Consider When Settling on a Fire Suppression Strategy

Coming up with a viable strategy for fire suppression is something that every business owner must consider. In order to make sure you don’t...
Virtual Office

Four Key Advantages to Arranging for a Virtual Office

You love working from home and not dealing with the distractions that come with a more traditional setting. Even so, there are times when...
Warehouse Equipment

Four Important Signs That You Need New Warehouse Equipment

As a warehouse professional, you know how important the right equipment is to keeping the place in order. From sweepers to scrubbers and different...

Aircloak closes Seed Investment and Receives Approval for GDPR-level Anonymity from French Data Protection...

Privacy Technology Leader, Aircloak has closed a Seed Investment and received approval from French Data Protection Authority for GDPR-level Anonymity. Aircloak delivers GDPR Compliance Out...
Kaspersky Lab

Kaspersky launches Next Generation Consumer Line-up coupled with Free Antivirus

Kaspersky Lab has introduced Next Generation Consumer Line-up coupld with Kaspersky Free Antivirus. The latest versions of Kaspersky Internet Security and Kaspersky Total Security...

African Countries now United under Continent-wide Domain Name, dotAfrica (.africa)

dotAfrica (.africa) has been classed as the best option for Africa in Cyberspace. 54 countries in Africa are now united under a single, continent-wide domain...