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Ambode’s Government Was A Failure – Tunji Bello


Lagos State Governor, Mr Akinwunmi AmbodeAn ex Secretary to the State Government, Mr Tunji Bello has said Ambode’s government was a total failure.

He revealed that his reason for saying that is because the administration lacked emotional intelligence.

Mr Tunji disclosed that it was characterised by lack of democracy and arrogance.

His words, “We should be happy for the opportunity provided and experience gained. It is not what you can buy on the shelf even if you have all the money.

“Yet, as we depart on our individual sojourn, we must never forget to learn from our glaring weaknesses and failures. Since we are all part of the success stories we must also share in the weaknesses and failures.

“Our main drawback is our government’s inability to apply enough emotional intelligence in the administration of the state. Emotional intelligence includes interpersonal skills, interpersonal relationship, humility, respect for the well established mores of governance, disregard for the accomplishments of others.

“The belief that our way is the best without considering other options in a democratic setting, absence of wider consultations, distance from the governed, lack of effective communication skill or amateurish display of government acts and political immaturity, deliberate and open alienation of others.

“We undertook gigantic projects without the soul. We were too self-opinionated and narrow in our approach to governance. It is a big drawback which prevented the administration from returning because it was punished for its lack of inclusiveness in a democratic setting.

“Besides and apart from lack of enough camaraderie compare to previous administrations, our cabinet has been less rigorous, less fulfilled, less engaged and less accomplished. And for the first time since the time of Governor Lateef Jakande, this cabinet departs unappreciated and disenchanted.”