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Mr. Rick Rogers with Mr. Bryan Ofoegbu and Mr. Andrew Voges

Cyber Security: Africa under Siege by rising Mobile Threat – Checkpoint

A leading provider of cyber-security solutions globally, Check Point Software Technologies has recognized Africa as an important region for growth and investment, particularly as...
Personal Injury Claim

Learn All About The 6 Stages of the Legal Process for Personal Injury Claim

How Long Does a Typical Personal Injury Claim Take? Learn All About These 6 Stages of the Legal Process Personal injury, by definition, encompasses a...

7 Tips on How to Start a Career in IT

Here are useful tips on how to start a career in IT.  Those who work in IT know that in this line of work, thinking...
Google Home Mini

5 Examples of Marketing Trends on the Horizon for 2020

Advances in technology over the past several years have changed the marketing landscape. The way consumers ask for and get their information is continuously...
Car Accident Road Crashes

A Guide for Compensation Seekers: 10 Questions to Ask a Car Accident Witness

When involved in a collision, those involved are often biased regarding who caused the accident, who’s legally at fault, and what the specific details...
EaseUS Free Data Recovery Software

Step-By-Step Instructions to Utilize Free Data Recovery Software

Most PC clients needn't bother with any recuperation programming until the point that they erroneously erase some document or when PC crash taints the...
EaseUS Data Recovery

When Data Loss Prevention matters, EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard tops the List

For most of us, our laptops and the data on our laptops is our life’s work. Due to this very reason, the data on...
Walk-In Bathtubs

Walk-In Bathtubs for the Elderly and Other Alternatives for Safe Bathing

Bathrooms can create dangerous situations for the elderly or seniors and people with mobility problems. Injuries can occur when using traditional bathtubs because people...
Warehouse Equipment

Four Important Signs That You Need New Warehouse Equipment

As a warehouse professional, you know how important the right equipment is to keeping the place in order. From sweepers to scrubbers and different...
Technology for Productivity

The Best Tech to Increase Your Productivity in the Global Economy

The workplace has gone global, and the rise of telecommuting means that, for many employees, the office is wherever they are at any given...