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I Wonder If Ole Is Enjoying Being MUFC Manager – Paul Parker


Ole Gunnar SolskjaerOle Gunnar Solskjaer’s team selection doesn’t make sense, Paul Parker has said.

Paul recently revealed that the Manchester United manager’s tactics against RB Leipzig desrved to be criticized.

According to him, Ole was far too conservative when picking his line up for the crucial European decider, and it is best he sticks with one system to end the club’s recent run of unconvincing performances.

He added that he wonders if Ole is currently enjoying being the number one as a manager, because he was really liked, adored, and idolised by everyone as a player.

His words, “Solskjaer is too reliant on having two holding midfielders all the time. It doesn’t make sense,”

“He’s going into a game where you can’t go looking for a draw, but when you’re putting out two holding players, their coach [Julian Nagelsmann] couldn’t believe what they were doing.

“That first half tells you why Manchester United got their team selection so wrong and you can’t just keep coming out against quality sides and changing your system for every game.

“When I played for United we were 4-4-2 and then when Eric Cantona came along it was 4-4-1-1. It was very flexible. Everyone would do every other person’s job. They’re not flexible in what they’re doing.”

“Ole was a person who everyone liked, adored, idolised, respected as a player. I wonder if he’s really enjoying being the number one as a manager.

“That’s no disrespect to him but it’s that difficult, and would Ole be a good number two? I think he would be a great number two because of his nature.

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“It’s difficult because I’ve met him on numerous occasions and I know what he’s like. I know the players who I played with that played with him and I want him to do well.

“Ex-Manchester United players on TV won’t condemn him because they are trying to be honest but they want to stay respectful to an ex-teammate.”


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