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Nagelsmann Can Replace Pep Guardiola At City – Shaun Goater


Julian NaglesmannRB Leipzig coach, Julian Nagelsmann can replace Pep Guardiola at Manchester City next season if he leaves, Shaun Goater has said.

Shaun Goater recently revealed that the 33-year-old young manager is the best fit to carry on the work of Pep if he exits England.

According to him, he really likes Nagelsmann because of his offensive style of play that is similar to what Pep Guardiola has played all his life.

He added that Julian is a very brave coach and he has the tactical mind to deliver good results at a big club like Man City.

His words, “I really like Nagelsmann, he’s a young manager who is brave, offensive in his game and that’s Pep’s style.

“The brand of football that City play is possession based with creativity, full-backs going forward, full-backs also being inverted and you don’t see wide players or wingers, you see both. Working with those front three, that’s a brand of football that Pep has created.

“Nagelsmann is a sort of manager that is brave when I’ve seen his teams and I like that about him.”

“He sort of says, ‘Right, we’re coming to win this game’ and he does tactical moves that stretch the opposition and make them think differently, rather than playing a cagey game, so I really like some of the things I’ve seen his teams do.

“With Pochettino, we’ve seen how he operated at Tottenham and he was just starting to really build some good things as a good manager but he didn’t quite win anything there, but again, played a great brand of football. So, both of them would be exciting managers.”


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