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Thierry Henry Loves The Premier League – Pires


zhenryRobert Pires has said Thierry Henry is ready for a successful coaching career and has urged Premier League clubs to take a chance on his former Arsenal teammate.

“He loves the Premier League, for the spirit, the competition, the big big clubs,” Pires said at a launch event for Arsenal’s legends game against Real Madrid in September. “I don’t know if a chairman will give Thierry the opportunity but he will be a good manager.

“During the World Cup he was assistant to Roberto Martinez and did very well. If you ask all the Belgian players all of them, especially [Romelu] Lukaku, they say they learned from Thierry every day.”

Pires said he was not surprised by Henry’s decision, and that he has been waiting for him to take this step.

“I’m very happy he left Sky. I sent him a message yesterday saying ‘finally, you left’. Not because he’s not a good pundit but I know Thierry. He’s ready,” Pires said. “Now he can focus on the new job, on being a manager. I hope he will find the right club.”