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Osun Broiler Outgrowers Production Scheme OBOPS

Osun State’s Broilers Outgrowers Scheme produces 5m Birds in 3 Years, 2nd Phase Kicks-off

...As second phase kicks-off, to empower 30,000 farmers The State of Osun Broiler Outgrowers Production Scheme (OBOPS) has produced at least 5 million birds in...
Senator Mudashir Oyetunde Hussain

Eld-el-Fitr Celebration Greeting from Senator Mudashir Hussain [VIDEO]

This is a special Eld-el-Fitr celebration greeting cum advice from Senator Mudashir Oyetunde Hussain, the APC Senatorial Candidate of Osun West for the July...
AYM Filling Station Robbery Footage

Abuja Robbery Footage: This happened Overnight at AYM Shafa Filling Station in Apo beside...

While others slept, some hoodlums in Apo broke into AYM Filling Station located in Apo, just beside Shoprite in Abuja. After gaining entrance through the...
Nigerian Girl tortured to Death in one of the Asian Countries

Shocking Video of a Nigerian Girl tortured to Death in one of the Asian...

I got this shocking video from a WhatsApp contact which showed how a Nigerian girl was tortured to death in one of the Asian...
Ayo Fayose

Ekiti People react to Governor Fayose on Ijigbo/Ado-Ekiti Fire Outbreak [VIDEO]

Watch YouTube video on how Ekiti people reacted to Governor Ayodele Fayose after the Ijigbo, Ado EkitiĀ fire outbreak was controlled.