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It Is Sad To See Sport Newspapers Fuelling Racism – Lukaku

LukakuMilanFormer Manchester United players, Romelu Lukaku and Chris Smalling have both released statements after Thursday’s “Black Friday” headline in Corrie dello Sport.

The Italian paper used a picture of the pair on the front page of Thursday’s edition of the newspaper to preview both ex-Red Devils players facing off in Inter Milan’s clash vs Roma laster this week, using the headline “Black Friday.”

The clubs involved, Inter Milan and Roma have jumped on social media to blast the headline and the players have done the same.

Lukaku wrote, “Instead of focusing on a battle between two teams.. corriere dello sport comes up with the most dumbest of headlines I have ever seen in my career.”

“You guys keep fuelling the negativity and the racism issue instead of talking about the beautiful game that’s going to be played at San Siro between two great clubs.

“Education is key. You guys of corriere dello Sport should do a better job at that.

“Thanks to all the fans and other journalists to highlight for the support and let’s all look forward to tomorrow’s game. Forza Inter.”

Smalling also shared his thoughts, “Whilst I would have liked to spend the day focusing on the big game tomorrow, it is important that I acknowledge that what occurred this morning was wrong and highly insensitive.

“I hope the editors involved in running this headline take responsibly and understand the power they possess through words, and the impact those words can have.

“A big shout out to AS Roma for the support. Now let the battle commence Rom, daje Roma.”