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Nasir El Rufai Is An Affliction – Suleiman Ahmed


Nasir-El-Rufai2According to the senator, Governor Elrufai is at war with clerics, teachers, workers, traditional rulers, physically challenged, journalists, doctors, politicians and the poor.

In a statement signed by Suleiman Ahmed, the Special Adviser, political and ideology to Sen. Shehu Sani stated that ‘the accidental governor’ used the ladder of criticism to mount to power and now afraid of his shadow.

“We advise El-Rufai to use the waters of River Kaduna to build Kaduna of his dream and if he must use blood he should use the blood of the abundant crocodiles in Kaduna River and not that of distinguished Senator Shehu Sani,” the statement added.
“Nigerians should ask El-Rufai why he wishes death for those who he perceived as his enemies. First he told his critics to climb Kufena Rock and die and now he calls them ‘ants he wants to crush’. El-Rufai abused IBB, PMB, Atiku, ObJ, Yar’adua, GEJ and they never called him an ant that they must crush,” the statement added.

“We wish to let Governor El-Rufai know that threats of ‘crushing’ or execution cannot deter us from our noble path in protecting our people from his brigandage,” the statement added.