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NCDC Gives Weekly Epidemiological Report On Diseases


The Nigerian Center For Disease Control, (NCDC), has today given a report on the prevalence of diseases in Nigeria. The Nigerian Center For Disease Control, subject to the information received from the ‘Multi-sectoral Technical Working Group’ on each disease gave report on 8 different diseases.

    Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC)Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) I

In it’s report, the NCDC stated that as at today October 14, 554,006 suspected cases of covid19 were reported, 60,655 were laboratory confirmed while 52,006 have been discharged and 1116 fatalities recorded. Subject to the NCDC’ report 225 new cases have been detected. 165 cases were detected in Lagos state, 17 cases were detected at the Federal capital territory, Rivers State has 13 new cases, Ogun state has 12 new cases, while 8 cases were detected in Niger state, 4 new cases at Delta State, Ondo state has 2  new, while 1 case was detected in Anambra, Edo, Ekiti and Kaduna states respectively.

According to the report given by the NCDC on Lasar Fever, 41 suspected cases of Lasar Fever were reported, while 7 were laboratory confirmed and 1 fatality reported. Enhanced surveillance is currently ongoing in affected states.

In the case of Cerebrospinal Meningitis (CMS) 2 suspected cases were recorded in Borno and Katsina states while 1 fatality was reported. Also 34 suspected cases of Yellow Fever were reported in 3 states with no falality recorded.

The surveillance data released for Measles shows that 80 suspected cases were reported, none was laboratory confirmed with 0 fatality. Also, 1 suspected case of cholera was reported without being confirmed by the laboratory, however with no fatality.

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A laboratory confirmed case of MonkeyPox was recorded in Rivers State with no fatality. In the case of Acute Flaccid Paralysis (AFP), 92 suspected cases were reported in 30 states and the Federal capital territory. None was laboratory confirmed with no fatality.


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