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French Army Officers deny Allegations of aiding Rwanda Genocide

French army officers have denied allegations by rights groups that the country’s peacekeeping force knowingly failed to prevent the killing of hundreds of Tutsis...

Rwandan Senate votes to allow Third Term for President Kagame

Rwanda’s upper house of parliament has unanimously approved a constitutional amendment to allow President Paul Kagame to seek a third term. The vote by the...
Rebuilding Rwandan capital Kigali

Sky is the limit for Rwandan capital Kigali

An ambitious blueprint has been put forward to revitalize the capital of Rwanda. Kigali was destroyed by 100 days of killing in 1994 – the...

Rwanda’s Genocide Era: From Hatred to Reconciliation

Between April and July 1994, more than 800,000 men, women and children, mostly from Rwanda’s Tutsi minority were slaughtered. In one of the worst atrocities...

#Rwanda > Supreme Court to hear case on President Paul Kagame’s Third Term

Rwanda’s Supreme Court has said it will hear a case on whether the country’s President Paul Kagame should be allowed to run for a...

#Documentary > Scorecard Rwanda

“ is a powerful tool for progress and for development,” according to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. In post-genocide Rwanda, Felicite Rwemalika’s work is an embodiment...
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Rwanda’s deadly methane lake Kivu becomes source of future power

Beneath the calm waters of Lake Kivu lie vast but deadly reserves of methane and carbon dioxide, which Rwanda is tapping both to save lives and provide a lucrative power source. Plans are in place to pump out enough gas for power that would nearly double…
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Kagame repeats charge that France took part in Rwanda genocide

Rwanda's President Paul Kagame on Sunday once again accused France of "participating" in the 1994 genocide in an interview to mark the 20th anniversary of the killings. Speaking to the weekly Jeune Afrique, Kagame denounced the "direct role of Belgium…
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Slain Rwandan ex-spymaster agreed to scrap bodyguards

Rwanda's murdered ex-intelligence chief agreed to scrap his South African security detail before he was strangled to death in a Johannesburg hotel room, according to a political ally. Patrick Karegeya, 53, was discovered slumped on a bed by staff at…

Special Envoy Feingold's Travel to Europe and Rwanda

WASHINGTON, December 11, 2013/African Press Organization (APO)/ -- Media NoteOffice of the SpokespersonWashington, DCDecember 3, 2013Special Envoy for the Great Lakes Region of Africa...