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Android vs IPhone : Predicting the Future


Unlike Android, Apple was created in 1976 by Steve Jobs , Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne in a workshop. Apple started as a pioneer of personal computers , making anything from laptops to portable media players today.

Android Vs Iphone
Android vs IPhone

Headquartered in Cupertino , California, the consumer electronics giant joined the iPhone mobile market in 2007 and the iPad tablet market in 2010, as well as the Apple Watch smartwatch market in 2014.

Apple has built a number of continuity features that allow you to move work and information from one of its devices to another, and you will definitely save time with these features. For example, take Handoff, where calls on your iPhone and Safari web pages can switch between iOS and macOS seamlessly. On one platform, Universal Clipboard renders copied text available on the other.

Continuity Camera is another one of our favorites, allowing you to take images and scan documents using the camera of your iPhone, and then view and edit them on your Mac. By using biometric authentication features via Apple Pay on your iPhone, you can even complete transactions on your Mac.

Apple IPhone Camera
Apple IPhone Camera

Just a handful of Android phone manufacturers have hardware ecosystems that approach Apple’s, and you won’t get the breadth of integration possible between the iPhone and other Apple-built devices for those that come near, including Samsung. With its latest Your Phone app for Windows, which enables Android users to respond to texts and alerts on their PCs, Microsoft is helping Google close the gap somewhat, although the experience is a little clunky and there is still work to be done.

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Although you can switch to a variety of businesses if you buy one of the best smartphones, regardless of what you choose, one of the two popular mobile operating systems is guaranteed to run: iOS (if you want an iPhone) or Android (if you choose anything else).

At this stage, both platforms are very mature, having existed for more than a decade. That means that both have extensive feature sets accumulated, and very little can be done that the other can not. Still, each one, however, has its advantages, and there are reasons you might want to choose one over the other.

We take a look at the respective strengths of each mobile platform by pitting iPhone vs. Android, so the next time you buy a smartphone, you can select the right one for you.

Hardware is the first place where the differences are visible between the iPhone and Android.

Only Apple makes iPhones, so how the software and hardware work together is incredibly tightly regulated. On the other hand, the Android app is sold by Google to several phone manufacturers, including Samsung , HTC, LG, and Motorola. Because of that, Android phones vary widely in size, weight, features, and quality.

In terms of hardware efficiency, premium-priced Android phones appear to be as nice as the iPhone, but cheaper Android options are more prone to problems. Of course, iPhones may also have hardware problems, but they are typically of better quality.

You just need to choose a model if you’re buying an iPhone. You have to select both a brand and a model, which can be a little complicated, since many businesses produce Android devices.

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To make sure you always have the latest and greatest version of your smartphone operating system, you have to get an iPhone.

That’s because some Android makers are slow at updating their phones to the latest version of the Android OS version, and sometimes don’t update their phones at all.

While it’s to be expected that older phones will eventually lose support for the latest OS, Apple’s support for older phones is generally better than Android’s.

Take iOS 11 as an example. It includes full support for the iPhone 5S, which was released in 2013. Thanks to support for such an old device, and full availability ​for all other models, iOS 11 was installed on about 66% of compatible models within 6 weeks of its release.


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