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Google Adds New Feature “Hum to Search”


A new ‘hum to search’ function has been introduced by Google search tool that allows you to hum; or sing or even whistle a song that sticks in your head and allows machine learning to find it for you to do the rest of the work.


On both Android and iOS, and even on Google Assistant, the latest functionality is instantly available on the Google app.

All you need to do is ask Google “What the song is”; and a newly added “look for a song” button is also available.

You can hum or sing the song that you have in mind and want to look for once you have used any one of them.

For now, the “hum to search” feature is available on iOS in English and on Android and Google plans to add more in over 20 languages.

Google can send you results that are based on a match as similar as it feels it has found; and as you can do on any other regular search, you can tap on the search results to hear the songs.

In its blog, Google clarified that the new ‘hum to search’ function works through the use of machine learning tools that convert the audio into a number-based sequence representing the melody of the song.

This is then matched with current songs in order to find a match for you.

The search giant added that it trains these machine learning models on a variety of sources including human singing; humming and whistling along with studio recordings; stripping off things like instruments; and vocal quality to focus on just the numeric sequence. So, the “hum to search” feature should also work even if you are tone-deaf or pitch-perfect.

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Going forward, the “hum to search” feature is available in English on iOS; and in more than 20 languages on Android and Google plans to add more.


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