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Google Announces New Security Alert


Google announced a few updates meant to beef up the security and privacy of the users’ accounts. One of the changes is a redesigned alert system that sends a notification to users about security issues regardless of what Google app they’re using at a time.

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The new security alert is rolling out in the coming weeks; and it will allow users to respond to a critical issue with their accounts; without having to open their email or check their phone. It will be limited in availability at first; with plans for expansion early next year. Google also says the alert is resistant to spoofing so users can be sure it’s legitimate.

In addition, Google is introducing Guest mode to Assistant; which comes in handy if users don’t want to save their interactions with the digital assistant to their accounts. It will be available in the next few weeks and users can turn it on by just saying “Hey Google, turn on Guest mode”. Of course, that’s in addition to existing privacy features added to Assistant late last year, allowing users to delete their history using their voice.

The search giant will also be adding an option to let users alter their Location History data directly in Timeline by editing the places they’ve been to. Also, users can now enter phrases like “Is my Google Account secure?” in Search to view their account security and privacy settings. Finally, Google’s Safety Center website has been refreshed, available starting today in the U.S. and will be live worldwide soon.


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